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Send us a short bio and a photo. This is your chance to share your memories of high school with usl  If your bio is selected it will be posted, right here! So what are you waiting for, give us a shout!  Email your bio and photo to harrison_colorado@yahoo.com Attn: My bio


Now, would you like to know a little bit about who we are and how this site got started? If so, here it is in a nutshell.


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 In February 2009, members of the, "HHS All Class Reunion Committee" designed a web site using a program called, class creators. This website was created for the purpose of promoting any and all HHS Alumni events! This is a place where HHS shines. The site is free to “you”, the user!

The reunion committee is proud of its school history and anxious to share this information with the community. In 2009, the committee members began an attempt to promote a positive school spirit and to share stories via Internet.
But, they didn't stop there, they took it a step forward and began posting articles and stories in the local newspapers. Stories highlighting stories on the positive impact that high school has had on its youth. And, we began making plans to host the very first Harrison High School, "All Class Reunion", highlighting classes from the 1950's up thru 2008.

The object here was to begin hosting future "All Class reunions", every three to five years. That first reunion was a success, we had planned for 300 hoped for 500 and were pleased when over 1000 of our old HHS friends came through those doors.
The goal is to add a new graduating year to our site. We encourage everyone to reference this web site for up coming alumni events, reunions and news.
Remember this is a site for "all of us!" So although the committee is making plans and doing the legwork for now, we depend on the ideas and suggestions of our fellow classmates to make this a HHS web site that you will be proud of!

The idea that sparked this endeavor, were comments made from some fellow HHS alumni (Connie King, Michael Wilson, Darrin Seville and Stacy Triplett) in August of 2008, on a site called classmates.com.
They had discussed the idea of having an All Class Reunion, but the conversations did not go any further, so finally Michael Wilson stated that if this were to happen we'd need a website that we could freely access and chat without being censored or charged a fee.
Not knowing any of these individuals, Teila Carroll Tankersley was reading these posts and decided to take Michael Wilson up on this and began a web site on “My space”, and began emailing invites to HHS Alumni. Within a month they had nearly one hundred and fifty members and two additional members were recruited to help with the site, Christine (Baxter) Wheeler-Moore class of 1986 and Jackie Vazquez Maldonado class of 1981. The site continued to grow and was receiving positive feedback. In November 2008, Darrin Seville announced that it was time for the website to organize a committee and begin planning the long awaited, “HHS All Class Reunion.”
In January 2009, the committee did just that, they met and elected Michael Wilson class of 1973 as President, Darrin Sevilla from the class of 1983 as Vice President, and a little go getter Debra Lawson Jedynak class of 1984 (jumped on board and hit the ground running) she serves as our VIP, Treasurer and does a little bit of everything. Teila Carroll Tankersley class of 1981 was elected Coordinator and manages the websites and emails. Michael McGee Class of 1982 was voted in as Entertainment Coordinator. (later in 2010 replaced Darrin as our VP)
Within a few weeks, the committee created the Harrison high school all year reunion web site and the committee saturated the city with the news that HHS alumni had an official site. The idea has taken off and sparked a lot of interest. It couldn’t have been accomplished without all the help of the hard working multi-generational committee members that included Troy Rotramel class of 1982 and his high school sweetheart Donna Rotramel class of 1983, David Wead from the class of 1972, Debbie Trujillo Matthews class of 1986, Sorina Williams class of 1999. Alan Oppenlander, Pat Smith and Ron Roehrich are from the class of 1957. Casey Parker class of 1981, Jackie Vazquez Maldonado class of 1981, Stacy Triplett 1991 and Sylvia Olivares class of 1972.
We welcome individuals from Harrison to become involved and send in your ideas and suggestions. It is our goal to connect HHS alumni and faculty. A place where HHS Alumni can be proud to be a HHS Panther!
Due to the success of the 2009 Reunion the committee has begun plans to establish itself as the official Harrison High School Alumni Association. The committee has donated money to a variety of groups within the school. Their goal is to continue to create a positive school spirit within the community.
Our purpose is to unite everyone together to become mentors for District #2. The committee also helps to promote individual class reunions, so if you are setting up something let us know and we'd be happy to help. Working together for a common goal. Go Panthers
 Written by Teila Carroll Tankersley HHSAYR Web Master from the  Class of 1981
"FROM THE ICE CREAM CAPITAL OF THE WORLD (LE MARS, IOWA), THE SPORTSWRITER SALUTES THE HARRISON HIGH SCHOOL PANTHERS ... IT SURE WAS FUN READING ABOUT YOU IN TEILA'S BOOK! MAY THE PANTHERS BE ON THE PROWL FOR VICTORIES THIS SCHOOL YEAR!!!! Could you also send us some warm weather??? We're expecting 5-10 inches of snow this week!!!  Signed - Jerry Giese sportswriter for the Sioux City Journal 
The book, Harrison High School Pioneers and Alumni is now available on Amazon.com
You can purchase a black and white copy of the book by logging onto the Yearbook CD's & 81 Reunion tab.  If you order through this site you can order it for $10.00 and that includes shipping!
$1.00 from the sale of each book goes to the HHS Athletic department.

This book promotes a positive school spirit and sheds light on the school's history, going back to the late 1800's extending up to present day.

It's a fun historical record of the students, the eras, the school and the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Who knew there was a ghost who haunts the school gym and that the surrounding area was once home to the Ute Indians.

But, even better than that, you'll meet some of the students that once roamed the halls at Harrison, including "Oppie", a self-professed James Dean sort of guy. Athletes Ron Roehrich and Oren McClure will share their stories and tales from their adventures both on and off the field at Harrison High. And Pat Smith, the young girl who loved school, sets the stage with some whimsical memories from her experiences at that ol' High School that she'll forever remember.

A book that anyone who has ever gone to high school will enjoy! This book is an accumulation of research material gathered from the local library, school yearbooks, newspaper clippings and from personal interviews with those who've attended the school.

It will take you on a trip down memory lane and the author also includes a few blank memories pages inside so that you can jot down your favorite memories to preserve for years to come. A fabulous book that is easy to read and will provide some wonderful HHS history.


Harrison High School All Year Reunion Committee
  • To give back to the school
  • Create sense of community for alumni
  • Loyalty, Pride
  • Bring people together to support Harrison High School  
  • Produce and sustain active alumni
  • Inspire all students to have a sense of ownership in the high school now and in the future
  • Reinforce the Importance of giving back to society
  • Create relationships with local Alumni / Faculty / Community
  • Create an environment so that all students feel connected and want to give back to HHS
  • Reach out to alumni to give back; their time as volunteers, treasure, and advocacy
  • Alumni are welcomed and encouraged to be an active part of HHS in Dist # 2
  • We want to utilize Alumni as assets for HHS and to mentor future alumni
  • Support alumni efforts to increase alumni giving and participation
  • Maintain HHS image as a “happening place.”


 We Love Our Alumni!!!