HHS Pioneers

Here is a brief piece of history adapted from the 1967 Harrison High School Yearbook - Ron Roehrich

1966-67 was the last year Harrison High School students would attend classes in their present building. In the fall the new school was ready to hold its first term.
Unknown to many students at Harrison is its long history. On August 20, 1874, three hundred residents of Colorado Springs filed a petition and this area became District NO. 2. This was two years before Colorado became a state. The same year, old Colorado City became District 11, making ours the oldest district. 
Our first school was a typical one-room red building with a green roof.  In the center of the room was a pot-bellied stove and a pail of water with only one dipper.
In 1891 this school was no longer big enough to accommodate the growing population of Harrison. A new school was built half a mile south of our present high school. It had one large room and one anteroom. The students had to carry water from a stream, a mile away. The grand sum of $250.00 had been allotted for the furnishings, consisting of two rows of desks, graduated in size.
A teacher’s report, dated in the early 1900’s, tells that her eighth grade class had just finished reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The pupils, ranging in age from six to seventeen, were all in different levels of their education. For instance, a sixteen year old was in the fourth grade, but a nine year old was in the seventh grade. There were fourteen students and one teacher, who was paid $50.00 a month.
For twenty-five years this second school was adequate. Nevertheless, it became apparent that more room was desperately needed. On April 12, 1916, thirteen persons in the district unanimously voted for a new school to be constructed at the cost of $10,000. Three acres of land were purchased from the Myron Stratton Home for $500.00. The new school was completed in October 1916.
There was a controversy as to its name. Some thought it should still be Bates School as that was its original name. Finally, however, it was decided to call it Harrison School.
History marched through the “Roaring Twenties” and the “Dirty Thirties” and the “Fitful Forties.” But not until 1951 was there a need for a bigger school once again. Now eighty-eight students were crammed into the two –room school. In 1953, four new rooms were added, an athletic field was bought, and because of the new kitchen, hot lunches were served for the first time. Also, in that same year Harrison became a second-class school. With this status came a larger bond. The money provided for the building of a new elementary school, Stratton Meadows. 
The past has always served as an example for the present and future. So it is with Harrison High School. Each time that the walls bulged with student, they would build a new school. 

The school had two classrooms on the second floor which had a moveable wall between them. For assemblies etc. the wall would be lowered into the basement to form one large room.

In 1955/1956 a single story wing was added with additional classrooms and a gymnasium was also added. 

In 1956/1957 the original building was razed and replaced with the two story addition.  The gymnasium is on the left although it has been enlarged since the original. This picture was taken in 2007 by Alan Oppenlander (Class of 1957)

 1.) Ron Roehrich Class of 1957 - Ron informed us that the first graduating senior class at HHS was 1956. First Athletic teams (Football, Basketball, Baseball) began in the fall of 1955 through spring 1956. We got pretty well tromped in all. Sam Jones was first All Conference selection on Football (1st team tackle) Accent color of Gold, to go with the Black and White, was selected in fall of 1956. Head Football/Basketball was Coach John DeMers. We handed out some trompings ourselves. (the old yellow brick facility) and attached two story building that was the new HHS.  When we started the fall of 1955 only half of the gym was done, and was attached to the old Red Brick school house.  By the fall of 1956 the rest of the gym was pretty much done and we played the first home basketball games in the 55-56 season. The football field (still there) was a dirt field. The natural bowl where the stadium now sits had been purchased but sat empty for years. The school colors had been established for the fall of 1955..* and in the fall of 1956 we selected Gold as our accent color. First used on the basketball uniforms for the Basketball season of 56-57.  In the fall of 1955 the student body selected the school fight song (same tune as the University of MIchigan fight song).

(*School colors were selected after selecting the Panther as school mascot. After much debate, Black & White was decided to be most appropriate to go with the mascot.)


The first Prom(1956) was held in the new gymnasium/auditorium. Pictured are Prom King George Jackson & Queen Beverly Jones, John Mulnix, Sheri Kenyon, Shirley Kenyon, Wayne Paugh and Sam Powell.


Snowball Dance(1956)

George Tovado (Principal), Kay Burke (Attendant), Snowball Queen Judy Sherman & King Jerry Suydam, Donna Henderson (Attendant), Betty Velten (Girls Physical Education Coach)



1955 Sweetheart Dance

King Bill Riley and Queen Marnie Suydam


First formal Cheerleaders (1955/1956)

Bevery Jones, Sue Beville, Peggy Faulkenberry & Sharon Hayes



       Harrison High School
Classes of 1950 - 2014


From: George Cruz

The Gorman Education Center

As a student of Gorman Middle School since 1967, my firm, Bollar Cruz Architects, LLC had the privilege to provide professional services to remodel the existing Gorman Middle School. The photograph taken in 2005 was after this $4,000,000 renovation.

The Gorman Middle School Renovation was completed in March of 2005 to serve student populations enrolled in the New Horizons Alternative High School, the New Horizons Alternative Middle School, and the Adult and Family Education Center, which all transferred to the Gorman Education Center. The Gorman Education Center also houses the Harrison School District Two Science Resource Center, various centralized Special Education Departments, and Curriculum/Instruction Services. The Gorman Education Center was renovated for ADA compliance that provides ADA Elevators (2 total), ADA Access Ramps (Internal and External), ADA Restrooms (New and Existing), ADA Push Button Hardware, and ADA Handrails. All Electrical and Mechanical/Plumbing Systems were upgraded as part of the scope of work.

Construction was completed by Nunn Construction, Inc. and supervised by Art Martini with School District Two. I served as the Project Architect and Designer.

George L. Cruz AIA
Principal Architect
Bollar Cruz Architects, LLC
8 South Nevada Avenue, Suite 215
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903




 When we first came up with the idea to have a HHS All Class Reunion we were under the assumption that HHS began in the late 60's imagine our surprise when we discovered that just wasn't so! We are learning so much about Harrison thanks to our Alumni who are passing down their memories. We love to hear from you!